Founders of Pallet Wholefoods

The Pallet Wholefoods Story is about a passion for clean eating. Using the purest, plant based whole ingredients we can find. We’re dairy free, egg free, gluten free, GMO free, vegan,  and refined sugar free. 

We search across Australia to find the purest, freshest, unprocessed nuts we possibly can. Then for up to four days we lovingly tend them in our kitchen, where we  activated them by soaking, then slowly dehydrating so you can absorb more nutrients.

Flavours of the world

Some of our flavours may sound a little different, but it’s not by accident. The Pallet Wholefoods test kitchen constantly creates new flavours for you – the nut loving public – to try at local markets. Armed with your feedback we put the best of the best flavours into production, and share them with the nut connoisseurs of Australia.

Our flavoured nuts are packed with nutty goodness and flavours that transport you around the globe. Discover beds of Tamari saltiness and the refreshing milkiness of the coconut. Not to mention hints of ginger and fragrant vanilla, as well as pickled umemboshi plums and savoury nori umami. 

An alternative kitchen staple

Baking, shaking or making a cake? Our naturally sweet nut flours are a protein rich, keto friendly, gluten free, low carb alternative to traditional flours. Packed full of goodness, you can use them in sweet or savoury baking, protein shakes, crumbing and as a thickening agent.

Getting activated across Australia

Founded in 2014, Pallet Wholefoods grew from the need to find natural, healthy plant-based, unprocessed foods. We’re proud that our nuts are vegan certified and kind to sensitive stomachs while still packing a flavourful punch.

Eight years on, we are still proudly based on the Gold Coast, employing a dedicated team who are as passionate about healthy living as we are.

And while you can still try our new flavours if you visit us at the local markets, you can now enjoy our nutty goodness all across Australia – in stores and online.